Chocolate Scented Smoke
and other memories. For earthlings, outsiders and the ones who'd like to see something stranger.

I am Canadian, whovian, sherlockian, and hunter, among other things. Welcome and enjoy your stay.
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Soulless Sam was my favorite.

soulless Sam was scary as fuck.

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everybody who comes at dean is like “you’re so desperate you want people to love you you don’t want to be alone” like

how are those even insults

"i know your secret shame, dean: you’re a living human with feelings ha ha you don’t want to live alone in a swamp like shrek you want to have friends wow who does that you’re pathetic i bet you want to hold hands and make somebody dinner" 

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The only season finale I accept is Chuck coming back to smite Metatron.

"Bitch this is MY typewriter"

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Hehe I made a Johnlock stool thingy

What else to do on a Wednesday evening

to far this time way to far 

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"can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird

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